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What We Believe

We offer a straightforward, professional, and individualized approach. We strive to know you, your goals, and your values in order to create a comprehensive plan designed to help you address what you value in life. 

What We Believe

We believe a quality financial plan is one that focuses on investment risks, investment costs, taxes, and maximizing income. 

We believe in and utilize modern portfolio theory and asset allocation when constructing portfolios. This strategy involves investing amongst a number of differing asset classes in order to spread out ones risk. We will recommend an appropriate allocation strategy based upon a number of factors including your age, risk tolerance, investment experience, and your time horizon for use of the assets, among others. 

We believe in keeping costs low. The management costs of our investments are a drag on their performance. By keeping them as low as we can, we help to better our odds of success. 

We believe in minimizing taxes on your portfolio. Without proper planning, the taxation of your investment portfolio could be one of your biggest expenses. We focus on the proper asset location, having investment account diversification, as well as distribution strategies to help you keep your taxes to a minimum. The less you pay in taxes, the more you get to keep in your portfolio to continue to work for you which increases the likelihood of your portfolio lasting as long as you do. 

We believe in maximizing stable sources of income for your retirement. It has been our experience that those who are able to meet essential living expenses without being dependent upon the stock market have more confidence regarding their investments and income than those who are dependent on the market.